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Pool Building Services

 DSE Contracting Inc. specializes in swimming pool excavation and has been providing this professional service for over 16 years to many of Arizona's major pool builders. We provide a high quality service done in a timely manner throughout Arizona. We have excavated over 27,000 pools so far.
A large part of our work is done in normal soil conditions, however, we also specialize in abnormal soil conditions such as compacted rocky fill, caliche and hard rock granite. We have multiple pieces of excavation equipment ranging from the smallest mini-skidsteer loaders and mini-excavators that are only 36 inches wide, to large track excavators weighing over 20 tons. We also have special rock excavation attachments such as hydraulic hammers and rock rippers for every size piece of equipment in our fleet.

DSE Contracting Inc. also has a large fleet of dump trucks and trailers to get the equipment to the jobsite and to haul off the soil excavated from the pool. The soil is usually hauled to other contractors, site developers, farmers, ranchers, landfills, and residential customers needing soil. A member of our staff specializes in coordinating dump sites and customers needing soil.

DSE Contracting Inc. also does demolition of old swimming pools that are outdated or green. We use the same equipment that is required for hard dig conditions. We are happy to provide a free estimate, after looking at the site and determining the level of service that is wanted.

DSE Contracting Inc. primarily does swimming pool shotcrete and other types of structural shotcrete.  Shotcrete is the structural concrete shell of the swimming pool and requires the highest quality materials and craftmanship. All of our crews are the most highly trained and experienced tradesmen in Arizona. We have shot over 15,000 pools in the past 12 years and our management has several decades of experience.

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